Make a Wish

Make a Wish
For appearances you must email two (2) months prior to your event with details of the event and what charity it will be helping. Stormtrooper Ranch event coordinator will contact you at least 1 month prior to your event informing you IF we will be able to attend or if it is a scheduling conflict. We would love to appear at all evpents but we are a volunteer group and some events may have conflicts with our members scheduals. We thank you for your understanding.

Purple Heart Award

Stormtrooper Ranch has receive an award from Patriot Members of Snake River Plain Chap 829 Military Order of the Purple Heart, USA. We are very honored to be the first costuming group to receive this award. Also one of our member also received a second award from them for his dedication and support of America's Combat Wounded Veterans. We at the Ranch want to thank all of our Military Members past and present for their dedication and sacrifices to our great country.

Stormtrooper Ranch Recieves Human Kindness Award

Stormtrooper Ranch Receives Hello Human Kindness Award. When we were awarded the unexpected gift of $250, we asked that the award be donated to The Wings of Angles to help an ill child with transportation or hotel bills when going for their treatments. We are very honored to be awarded this honor, but very pleased we could have this prize donated to help another ill child.

How to join Stormtrooper Ranch

If you are interested in joining us at Stormtrooper Ranch you must meet the following Qualifications:

1. Own a Star Wars/Clone Wars costume. We do not only except Imperial members but any character from the Star Wars series. We also welcome fun Star Wars costume much like the famous Elvis Trooper, Super Trooper and Mega Dork , Thatman and Princess Leia Robin, and who can forget GI-JOBA-FETT, Logger Trooper and yes Firefighter Trooper costumes (please be original in your fun costumes and do not copy others such as Elvis Trooper. People work hard to be original and spend tons of $$$ building such suits).

2. Join to have fun not to make $$$ (we are all volunteer). Here at Stormtrooper Ranch believe that if you don't have fun its not worth your time participating.

If you can meet these qualifications email us at or write to: Stormtrooper Ranch 509 Twin Hills Court, Weed CA. 96094

Tribute to a Ranch Members and Fans

Aza Woods was a Member, Son, and friend to our Members. He was taken from us at a very young age, but always had a smile on his face even through his illness. He will be Missed by all, 2016

Jerry Cook was a Ranch Member (Fire Trooper) a Firefighter for the City of Mt. Shasta and a good friend and supporter to the Ranch, 2016

Richard Bonehill was an Honorary Member Of Stormtrooper Ranch Passed away at the age of 67. In the Star Wars Trilogy Richard Bonehill appeared in a variety of roles including a Stormtrooper, a rebel soldier, a TIE fighter pilot, a Tauntaun handler and as Nien Nunb, a creature who co-pilots the Millennium Falcon alongside Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams), among others. not all pictured above, and will be missed by all.

Cori Fulkerson was a fan of Stormtrooper Ranch. We had the honor of attending her Celebration of Life service, and what a life it was. She "lived" more in her 31 years on this earth than most people do in a full lifetime. She will always have a special place in the memory of Stormtrooper Ranch.